Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Future Aspiration

Today in the morning we had Future Aspiration Day and four people came to talk to us about what they do and what we want to be, the first person to talk was Antnony Samnels and the thing he told us was a quote which said "The past does not determine your future" which was really cool because he said he use to be on What Now. The next speaker that was talking was Paula Fakalata who was a Attitude Presenter and then Amielia Unafe who is a fashion designer.

                                        Quote:The past does not determine your future"

Monday, 24 November 2014

Film Festival

I woke up joyful knowing that today was film festival, quickly I opened the curtains to get a peek of the sun shining... but all I saw was rain, don’t worry I thought to myself today is the day when I’m going to watch other class movies. As I finished refreshing myself I got dress in my red and black uniform, I suddenly hear my mum calling me for breakfast so quickly grab my bag and rush to the kitchen when I was done eating my mum dropped me off.

As we got on the bus me and my buddy Faridah quickly raced to one of the empty seats, as we found a seat that we both liked i quickly rushed to the seat next to the window which was pretty funny because Faridah wanted to sit there, once we sat down the bus started to move and as the bus started moving the kids got louder and louder.

As i gripped onto the rail i quickly ran in to the movies to get a good seat, but then I realized I lost my friends so i quickly ran back down the stairs where most of the kids were and as I was looking I spotted them so I quickly ran to them and told them to follow me and off I went, as we got to the top we spotted three seats where we could sit.

As all the movies began I was so excited because our class movie came on first and it was great and as the movies kept on playing and playing and playing it got kinda boring so me and my friend Gloria started to talk about our favorite movie and it turned out our favorite movies were the same which was the bowl cut.

The reason that the Bowl Cut was my favorite film festival movie is because it was funny and the acting was great.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014

Word Web - Think

Our task for today was to go on the web called popplet. Our word web for today was think